Outfit / Clothes: My love for rubber boots

The weather is changeable. Time it rains, sometimes it's really warm.

 I love rubber boots. If there are puddles on the streets, you can walk through. Fantastic!
I always feel like a little kid, but it's awsome ! :D 

Rubber Boots: HUNTER
Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Socks: H&M
Jewelry: Vintage

(I know, there are a lot of posts with this jacket .. )

THE brand for rubber boots.
 This aren't just rubber boots. Many stars wear HUNTERs. They are so great.
 The most popular are the single color, high boots, like mine. (or here ) But there are many different styles. Look at hunter-boot.com .

 From left to right:
Original Tall Leather Lined
Original Tour
Original Tour Canvas
Original Metal
Original RHS
Original Gloss

What more can I say?

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Outfit: Stripes and casual dungarees

I'm sorry
My last post was two weeks ago ...

At the moment the weather is very changeable and so I never caught the right time to take photos.
But now I'm finally back. Back with a new outfit.

The dungarees I bought about two years ago. I always wanted to post a dungarees outfit, but for some reason I've never done it.Two weeks ago, I finally bought this basi-shirt at H&M. I bought it mainly for this outfit because I think the combination of dungarees and striped T-Shirts is just COOL. It looks so casual!
Thus, the outfit does not look so boring, I have combined it with a hat. You can see immediately, that this outfit is for warm,. chill out days. Maybe for a beach day.

Dungarees: H&M
T-Shirt: H&M
Jewelry: Vintage
Flip Flops: ??

Do you like dungarees? Do you like my combination ?

Maikie ♥


[Repost] Clothes / Outfit: My lovely, yellow Doc Martens

Why I make Reposts? Look here 

 I got them for 50 Euros from ebay  ! :)) (second hand)

I love Doc Martens! I have a few pairs of it and I'm going to make a post about it soon :) !

Shoes: DOC MARTENS (of course :D)
Necklaces: Second Hand

Do you love Docs, too? What do you think of these ones?

Have good days, 
Maikie ♥



Outfit: Let's get punky

I know: This isn't really Punkstyle, but I think, it's a touch of it. It's not really Grungestyle, it's a mix of both. The dress that I wear, can be combined to a lot of different.It can also look noble. Or party-like...

To admire the outfit casual, I wear creepers. Creppers don't look very female. I could also wear Dr.Martens...
The transparent blouse and the flashy jewelry complete the style. The dark lipstick is typical Punk.

 The Outfit:
Dress: Vintage
Blouse: H&M
Creepers: EBAY
Necklace: Vintage
Bracelets: Vintage


What do you think of punkstyle?

Au revoir,
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Lifestyle: I'm finally on Tumblr !

Yes, you heard right .
I'm on Tumblr, now.

I thought long about what's better for me: Tumblr or Instagram?  
Because I want to publish small texts and I like to reblogg nice pictures, I've decidet  to Tumblr.
I think Instagram is also very cool, but Tumblr suits me better....

My Tublr is about... Lifestyle, Photography, Fashion, DIY, Drwaing, Lyric. You can find german and english texts. I reblog great photos and I post my own photos. I'll also post Drawings. 

Follow me: maikie-s.tumblr.com

Hope, your like it. Maybe you have some tips on how my Tumblr can be better... :)

What do you like more? Instagram or Tumblr?

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