New glasses !


 For a long time I wish for a new pair of glasses but it has always delayed, beacause I could not get appointment with the eye doctor.

But now: Here are them!  


The Outfit:  

T-Shirt: Delirious
Socks: H&M 
Watch: swatch (swatch swiss) 
Bracelet (green): DIY
Bracelet (white): Primark
Bracelet (golden):  ? ---> second hand 

These summerdays aren't warm and  they are very windy.. :(
I hope it will be better next time.

Maikie :)


Bomber Jackets _ ZARA


What do you think about this ones? I found it on zara.com. I like the first one very much !
As you know, I love the mix of different styles. On one hand, they have an oriental or Chinese pattern,
on the other hand they are suitable for everyday use and casual through the form and the stripes on the first jacket.
They can be combined in different styles. But as the pictures show, they also look to settle parts of very beautiful and are thus an absolute eye-catcher of your outfits.
They are not too flashy, but still a good eye-catcher.


Outfit # Boyish

I love this style, when you combinate masculine Clothes with noble or girlish parts.
I tied my hair into a bun that does not look too neat.
The pants I have combined with the Laofers,
that do not look too formal through the small rivets and fit to the gold and silver chains on my neck.
The wide T-shirt I loosely tucked into the jenas and so the look does not look too rough, I've added a noble, simple blazer.

This outfit looks neither too casual nor too over-styled and you feel comfortable in it all day.
Thus, it is ideal for everyday use and can be worn on different occasions.


For the pants I just took a big men's jeans and sewed them down close to the bottom. (LEVIS)
T-Shirt:  OSKA
Necklace (spines): Tally Weill 
Necklace (golden): ?? (It's a friends one) 
Shoes: Graceland
Watch: swatch 

Do you like that style ?