Outfit: (Shooting) Retro style everyday

Hey you ! :) 

I'm sorry, but I can't post very often this time .. I have to do a lot for school .. :/
But here's a new post, so .. enjoy it !

This outfit looks chic and honest and also playful.
 It's a beautiful outfit in vintage/retro style :)

Watch: BROS
Bracelets: Vintage
Jacket: H&M

Photo: Christian
Location: Photography Playground Hamburg

What do you think of this great location? 
I think it looks very cool :) 

See you soon,
Maikie ♥

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Outfit: Early spring

The first day of spring! How great !

It was so warm :) Like it was already summer! Warm ... and windy. - When I woke up this morning, I was shocked because I realized that its not Friday yet ! - oh dear -.-
But the day was really nice for a Thursday.

Jacket: COORDINATE (look here, too)
Dress: ONE & ONLY
Boots: H&M + DIY

watch: SWATCH
bracelets: DIY

Necklace: ?? (a present :) )

Photos: Antonia ♥

What do you think of this amzing blue sky ? 


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Wishlist / March 14

1 Oversiced flower -cardigan (DRESSLILY) I want to combine it with overknees and a short black dress. (look here)
2 Gold watch (DRESSLILY) The watch looks very beautiful and noble and doesn't cost much.
3 Black and white cardigan (on EBAY) Look at the picture. Need I say more?
4 Butterfly-bralet (on EBAY) I think this one looks very good when you wear a wide T-Shirt.
5 Owl-blouse (ROMWE) I really really like this blouse and I really want to have it, because it looks so good! I hope that my boyfriend will give it to me as a present one day :D (this girl wears the blouse, too)
6 Bow-rainboots (ROSEWHOLESALE) This boots look sweet :3 Next months it will rain very often...
7 Transparent boots (MEE MEE) They just look so cool! You can wear them on rainy and on sunny days. Combine it with colorful socks!
8 Asian jacket (DRESSLILY) Last summer I dicovered a similar one at ZARA but hadn't had enough money :o(here)
9 Flower-dress (DRESSLILY) I want to wear this dress/T-Shirt in spring.

Wich one do you like mostly?
I think I can't buy all of them. :(   My favorites are 1, 5 and 8.. Or 7? I can not really decide :D 

Have a nice day,
 Maikie ♥
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Dreamcatcher-necklace and Teddy-vest

Hey you :) 
Finally an outfit post !
It's very warm the last few days. Here's one of first outifit for warm days this year. (Is this grammatically correct?)

When you look at the pictures, you may ask yourself: Is this leggings transparent?
-- Yes! (at some parts) :D

Blouse: S•E•A•L
Leggings: MONKI
Cut Out Boots: NEW LOOK
Necklace: DIY
Bracelets: H&M 

I think the combination of the Outfit and the backround is great ! (do you think so, too?)

See you,
Maikie ♥

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Will you marry me?

[This post is a bit different than the others.]

THE dream of most girls.
The marriage proposal (and marriage).

The boy you love kneels in front of you. He weeps. You too. Because you two are so happy. You know what's coming next, but you can't really believe it.
4 words.

       "Will you marry me?"

 sorry, my hands doesn't look good :/

 He asked me THE question. It was wonderfull! It was at night, it was dark and we saw the lights and the stars and were alone on the dyke. 
Of course I said yes !! 

It will take until we have enough money for a wedding. Neverless, I am very happy to be able to call him my fianc.  ♥

Maikie ♥
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