flesh tunnel

It's ready ! 12 mm Flesh tunnel :))

 To get these or other nice once wich aren't too expensive, click on this link: Crazy Factory .

 Hahaha :D


Back to school !

New school year, new class, new people, new teachers, new order, new chances... - new luck?

Today the new school year has begun. Now I'm in aesthetic profile. (Year 11)
We are
24 girlf and 3 boys :D (Maybe we are all freaks!)
From now on I have a lot of art in school and I also have a new subjekt names performing arts. (I think in Englisch it will called like this.. ) It's like theatre. .

Of course I wanted to wear a cool outfit on the first day ...

 Blouse: H&M

 -- For the shorts, I just cut an old men's trousers. (LEVIS) --

 Shoes: Görtz 17

-- I got these brooshes on different jumble sales. --

                                                                ---  10  mm. ! (Soon it's done!) ---



 Bag: H&M

As I thought of how I can spice up the blouse and  the shorts, I got these brooshes to mind. I often buy brooshes and already have a small collektion. So I thought that I can wear these ones also at pants and not always o the top.
Said and done!
When I tried it, I really liked the outfit!

 Enjoy this week!
 ---- Maikie -------------