Outfit # Boyish

I love this style, when you combinate masculine Clothes with noble or girlish parts.
I tied my hair into a bun that does not look too neat.
The pants I have combined with the Laofers,
that do not look too formal through the small rivets and fit to the gold and silver chains on my neck.
The wide T-shirt I loosely tucked into the jenas and so the look does not look too rough, I've added a noble, simple blazer.

This outfit looks neither too casual nor too over-styled and you feel comfortable in it all day.
Thus, it is ideal for everyday use and can be worn on different occasions.


For the pants I just took a big men's jeans and sewed them down close to the bottom. (LEVIS)
T-Shirt:  OSKA
Necklace (spines): Tally Weill 
Necklace (golden): ?? (It's a friends one) 
Shoes: Graceland
Watch: swatch 

Do you like that style ?

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