Cut out dresses

Hey you !

Today I finally do a post again about things that can get you on the internet.

  Do you like posts like this?
    Should I do more?

Cut out dresses are dresses that are cut somewhere. There you can see bare skin or transparent fabric.
I think they are really nice and

 are too rarely seen

Here are a few nice examples. Click on the links to get them.

- Sorry about the quality of the pics -

What do you like most ?


  1. Am besten gefällt mir das erste Kleid! Ich liebe cut out Kleider generell.
    Ich mag deinen Blog total, würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen würdest.:)


  2. The first and last dress just perfect!
    I'm now following your blog of course, hope you follow mine too :)

    SHE WALKS Blog


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